Notice of Race



In 2024, the third most-watched sporting event on the globe will be held in one of the most renowned and best-reputed cities worldwide. It is a unique occasion that takes place every four years in a different location which no sports enthusiast should miss.

The presence of the America’s Cup in Barcelona has encouraged us to host a major sailing event around it, organized into different races that will allow sailing enthusiasts to witness a spectacle never before seen in the waters of Barcelona. From September to October, alongside the AC40 and AC75 boats, the prestigious fleet of classic boats that participate every year in the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona will sail in front of the Barcelona skyline. On this occasion, they will be joined by about twenty exceptional 12 m JI class sailboats from different corners of the globe, such as Northern Europe or the USA. And on dates very close to this event there will be a competition exclusively devoted to the stunning J CLASS, with the confirmed presence of all currently existing vessels. Lastly, modern boats like maxi yachts or competitive Smeralda 888s will also make the most of the occasion to hold their own competitions along the city’s coastline.

Aware of the historical significance of this moment and with the aim of offering the classic fleet the chance to fully take in the atmosphere generated thanks to the 37th America’s Cup, Barcelona Royal Yacht Club and Puig have decided to put back the dates for holding the 17th edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona Regatta from July to September. The conditions are optimal as our facilities are located in the heart of the six AC team bases and in front of the Race Village, which will be located opposite the club. Moreover, Puig has further increased its commitment to the world of sailing by becoming one of the four global sponsors of the America’s Cup and giving its name to the recently established Puig Women’s America’s Cup.
We at Puig and Barcelona Royal Yacht Club hope that you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the exceptional 17th edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona 2024 Regatta.


On behalf of the Spanish Royal Sailing Federation (Real Federación Española de Vela, RFEV) and thanks to the sponsorship of Puig, Barcelona Royal Yacht Club (Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, RCNB) is organizing the 17th edition of the PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta for the following categories: gaff rig vintage, Bermuda rig vintage, classic, IOR classic, big and modern classic boats, and 12 m JI boats.

The 12 m JI category is present in order to commemorate the 37th America’s Cup, due to take place in Barcelona in 2024. The 12-metre rule – and the various developments to it – was the one used for the longest period in this competition, specifically from 1956 to 1987. Indeed, it revolutionized the design of the vessels taking part over the 20th century.

The 17th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta is an international event within the official calendar of the RFEV that counts towards the 2nd Championship of the International Mediterranean Committee (IMC), and towards the 14th Classic Mare Nostrum Trophy – Spanish Cup for Classic Boats.


The 17th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta will take place in the waters of Barcelona between September 4 and 7, 2024.

The notation [NP] in all the rules governing this regatta means that an infringement of this rule shall not be protested by boats [this amends R 60.1(a) of the RRS].


3.1 The regatta shall be governed by the following rules:

  • The World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024 (RRS).
  • The current 12 m JI category rules.
  • The current International Mediterranean Committee (IMC) Regulations governing measurement, and classic and vintage boat regattas, (link).
  • The regulations of the RFEV, available at:
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
  • The RFEV Technical Regulations for Cruising Yachts 2021-2024, available at:
  • The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations governing offshore racing, category 4.
  • Article 90.3(e)(3) of the RRS shall be applicable.
  • Between the official hours of sunset and sunrise, the rules of part 2 of the RRS shall be replaced with part B of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
  • In accordance with World Sailing racing regulation DR21-01, a change is provided to the definition of start as follows:
    Start. A boat starts when her hull having been entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line, and ha- ving complied with rule 30.1 if it applies, any part of her hull crosses the starting line from the pre-start side to the course side either:
    a) at or after her starting signal, or
    b) during the last 30 seconds before her starting signal.
    When a boat starts in accordance with item (b) of the definition of Start, she may return to the pre-start side of the line to comply with item (a) of the definition of start, but, if she does not, the starting penalty shall be 2% added to her elapsed time or at least one place, whichever is the largest.
  • [NP] [DP] Racers and support crew alike must follow all reasonable instructions issued by regatta officials.

3.2 In the event of any discrepancy between the languages, the Spanish text shall prevail.


4.1 Participants must meet the requirements set out in the World Sailing Eligibility Code (Regulation 19).
4.2 Participants of Spanish nationality or with legal residence in Spain, or those competing on boats assigned to a Spanish club should be in possession of a 2024 federation qualified sportsperson license.
4.3 Boats displaying individual advertising must be granted prior authorization from their national authority, where required, and from Barcelona Royal Yacht Club.
4.4 Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority. If this rule is breached, rule 20.9.2 of the World Sailing Regulations shall be applied [DP].


The 17th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta is open to the categories specified in this section. Each boat must register under the relevant category according to its 2024 IMC rating or measurement certificate. Two exceptions to this are modern classic boats, which shall be selected by invitation and for which the crew must be able to show an ORC certificate; and, 12 m JI class boats, for which the crew must be able to show a rating certificate from the International Twelve Metre Class. In all cases, at least three vessels must be present and registered in each category:

  • Gaff rig vintage boats: boats with a gaff-rigged sail, launched up to December 31, 1949.
  • Bermuda rig vintage boats: boats with a Bermuda-rigged or Marconi-rigged sail, launched up to December 31, 1949.
  • Classic boats: boats launched between January 1, 1950 and December 31, 1975.
  • IOR classic boats: boats launched between January 1, 1970 and December 31, 1984.
  • Big boats: boats with a length of 23 meters or more.
  • 12 m JI boats: boats in the International Twelve Metre Class.
  • Modern classic boats: classic design and modern-built boats that use cutting-edge materials (Leonardo Yachts, Spirit Yachts, Hoek Design, etc.). Their registration must be approved by the Organizing Committee.

5.2 The Organizing Committee may sub-divide the classic, vintage and modern classic boat categories into classes. These sub-divided classes shall be based on the type of rigging, APM, and length, always according to the criteria of the Organizing Committee and provided there are at least 3 boats in the specific class (IMC, article 17).


6.1 Registrations must be formalized using the attached form.

6.2 The registration fees for the regatta are as follows:

  • For boats shorter than 12 meters: 300 €
  • For boats with a length overall of between 12 and 14.99 meter: 400 €
  • For boats with a length overall of between 15 and 19.99 meters: 500 €
  • For boats with a length overall of between 20 and 22.99 meters: 600 €
  • For boats with a length overall equal to or longer than 23 meters: 800 €

The registration fee for class is €4,000. For this category of boat, a host of specific arrangements will be delivered in Barcelona port. In addition, they will benefit from a much more extensive deployment of technical and human resources since they have a greater number of races scheduled than the remaining fleet.

Boats for which the registration fee has been paid before March 31, 2024 will benefit from a 10% discount on said fee.

(Rates are exempt from VAT in the case of invoices for natural persons or companies that are not registered in Spain and which have an intra-community VAT number).

6.3 Registration fees shall be settled by bank transfer to Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, specifying the name of the boat and the event. They shall be paid into the following account:

Bank details:
Bank name: Banco Sabadell Atlántico
Bank office: Pla de Palau
Account number: 0081-0163-61-0001988006
IBAN: ES9000810163610001988006

6.4 Registrations must be handed in personally at the following address, or sent via post or email to the address provided, along with a IMC measurement certificate and a receipt for the deposit or transfer, before August 15, 2024:

Muelle de España s/n

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept registrations after this date.

6.5 The Organizing Committee will provide confirmation of receipt of the documentation requested via email. If a vessel has not received this confirmation within five business days of submitting the documentation it should request confirmation by writing to the email address:

6.6  Participants must confirm their registration by signing up with the Regatta Office before 8:00 pm on September 4, and the following documents should also be submitted:

  • A copy of a valid insurance policy covering civil liability (damage to third parties and property), or an increase in third party damage and civil liability cover to reach a minimum amount of €601,012.
  • A copy of the receipt of the direct debit payment for the valid insurance policy.
  • A copy of the IMC measurement certificate, valid for 2024.
  • A list of the crew members with identity cards and an onshore contact number (to be filled in at the Regatta Office).
  • In the case of Spanish crew members or those sailing on a boat assigned to a Spanish club and who are legally resident in Spain, a valid state federation sportsperson license. Foreign crew members who are not in possession of a federation license must provide a copy of their passport at the Regatta Office during the period for signing up.
  • A duly completed and signed registration form.
  • The Sailing Declaration (IMC Regulations, article 15) to be filled in at the Regatta Office.
  • Authorization from the relevant national authority in order to display advertising, if applicable.

6.7 [NP] After 8:00 pm on September 4, the Organizing Committee shall not accept any registration that has been made without submitting the valid IMC certificate to the Regatta Office (this amends rule 78.2 of the RRS).


7.1 The sports program shall take place as shown as follows:


7.2 Three races are scheduled (except for the 12 m JI class, which will have up to six races scheduled), and no more than two races per day (three for the 12 m JI class) may be held. At least one race must be completed in order to receive the award of winner in the 17th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta in each of the participating classes established.

7.3 The regatta instructions will be available from Wednesday, September 4 on the regatta website.


Courses shall be detailed in the regatta instructions.


All participating boats may be required by the Technical Committee to undergo measurement inspections and checks. Any boat may be checked at any time before, during, and after the regatta.


10.1 The Low Point System of Appendix A of the RRS shall be used.

10.2 The final score for each boat shall be the total of all her points.


There will be a classification for each category and/or class established.


12.1 The safety of this regatta shall be in line with category 4 according to the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations governing offshore racing. The courses to be navigated are type C (according to rule 18 of the IMC).

12.2 All boats will need to be fitted with a VHF radio with channel 16 and the official communication channels used for the regatta.

12.3 It is mandatory for all participating boats to use their own motor when navigating around the waters in the Port of Barcelona and for them to respect the regulations governing navigation in said port.

12.4 It shall be incumbent on the vessel owner or the individual responsible for each boat to adhere to the general and special legal regulations envisaged for pleasure boats when it comes to the government, administrative formalities, and safety of the vessels.

12.5  The use of drones (RPAS) by support staff or crew is prohibited at all times within the premises of Barcelona Royal Yacht Club and during the unfolding of the regatta races.


The RCNB has reached an agreement with HM Hospitales – HM NOU DELFOS and HM HOSPITAL DE NENS to provide a comprehensive medical service to international travelers who have taken out insurance and need swift medical care in English. They will be granted “preferential” treatment and a doctor who speaks English will be sent to their hotel or apartment.

24/7 multilingual call center – +44 900 844 484

HM NOU DELFOS has set up an international department formed by welfare officers who will: receive international cli- ents, administer their insurance, speak with them in their language, grant them priority in admission to A&E, manage their consultation with any specialist, and support them throughout the patient process acting as interpreter.


The list of awards will be published on the official notice board and via the electronic mediums chosen by the RCNB in order to communicate with the fleet.

The award ceremony will take place once the general classifications have been published on Saturday September 7, 2024.

Other ceremonies may be organized while the event is being held. Any programming in this regard will be announced on the official notice board.


Registered boats that are taking part in the races with a home port outside Catalonia will benefit from a berth free-of-charge, except for costs, at Barcelona Royal Yacht Club between September 1 and 9, 2024..

Berths provided by the organizers during the above-mentioned dates must be used under the full responsibility of the owner or skipper of each participating boat.


16.1 Image rights relating to the regatta are solely and exclusively owned by the RCNB, the RFEV and Puig. Any advertising campaign that does not benefit from express authorization from the RCNB, the RFEV and Puig shall be prohibited.

16.2 Participants shall grant authorization to the sponsor(s) and the organizing authority for their name and image, or that of the boat with which they are taking part, to be used in any text, photograph, or video montage to be published or broadcast via any medium (including the press, TV advertising, or the Internet) as part of editorial comments, information, or publicity. Moreover, the name and biographies of participants may be used or broadcast via any known medium.

16.3 Participants undertake not to carry out or allow any act of reproduction, public disclosure, or distribution of images of the sailing contest without prior permission from Barcelona Royal Yacht Club.

16.4 Any advertising campaign not linked to the event sponsor, the clubs, and the Organizing Committee – carried out by participants, their sponsors, or individuals, entities and organizations directly or indirectly linked to them, and undertaken on the premises of the club or on the pontoons provided – shall be expressly prohibited unless it has been granted prior written permission from the organizing authority.

16.5 Failure to comply with this rule will entail automatic exclusion from the competition for the boat bearing the advertising subject to the action. Moreover, the participant will not be reimbursed for any fees paid for registration to the regatta and will lose all privileges stemming from taking part in the competition.


On account of its nature, sailing is an unpredictable sport and, as a result, one that intrinsically entails an element of risk. Racers and support crews taking part in this regatta do so under their own risk. Particular attention should be drawn to RRS 3, DECISION TO RACE, which stipulates: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.” By taking part in this regatta, participants accept and acknowledge as follows:

17.1 On account of its nature, sailing is an unpredictable sport and, as a result, one that intrinsically entails an element of risk. Racers and support crews taking part in this regatta do so under their own risk. Particular attention should be drawn to RRS 3, DECISION TO RACE, which stipulates: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.” By taking part in this regatta, all participants accept and acknowledge as follows:

17.2 They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and they accept liability for exposing themselves, their crew and their boat to said risk when taking part in the regatta.

17.3 They shall be responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and any other property at sea or ashore.

17.4 They accept liability for any injury, damage or loss to the extent that the same are caused by their own actions or omissions.

17.5 By taking part in any race, they acknowledge that their boat is in excellent condition, that it complies with the rules in terms of classes and that it is ready to sail in the regatta and able to take part.

17.6 The provision of the physical and human resources of the regatta committee, security boats, judges and other officials, as well as the organization’s volunteers, shall not entail the release of participants from their own responsibilities.

17.7 The physical resources of the organization’s security boats shall be limited to assistance and rescue operations only, particularly in extreme weather conditions.

17.8 Each vessel owner or individual responsible for each boat must be aware of any rule and information published in relation to the venue/regatta and must attend any safety briefing concerning the venue/regatta held during the event.

Barcelona, December 2023