• IXth Puig Vela Clàssica successfully concludes and confirms its position as one of the best competitions in the Mediterranean and the international circuit of historic sailboats

• This prestigious regatta, which has enjoyed the participation of almost 500 sailors and 41 ships from nine different countries, has offered four days a unique show in Barcelona waters.


This afternoon has ended the last day of the XIth Regatta Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona, which has been disputed since last July 13 in the waters of Barcelona. Classic and Vintage boats from nine countries have competed for one of the most prestigious trophies in the Mediterranean sea.

The winners of this ninth edition were Sonata, Marigold, Guia, Moonbeam III and Alba, the latter two are the ones which have won more times in the general classification of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona, with five titles.


Last day, a very close match

IX REGATA PUIG VELA CLÀSSICAThe third test has put the finishing touches on the Regatta Puig Vela Clàssica, a ninth edition that has offered the best wind conditions over the three days of competition experienced to the date. A thermal South wind (Garbí) and 10-12 knots have allowed disputing the third and final scheduled test, with each category sailing in its own path buoys.

The start of Big Boats has offered the most intense moment of this year, when Moonbeam IV started on port tack but it was unable to cut the head to turn Eleonora and has chosen to respect the right of way. Such tacking left the Moonbeam III without enough wind to sail and in a very bad situation, opting to tack in search of free wind, but it has found Sumurun has taken advantage of the situation to tack to bow and leave it again without wind to sail. With the two dance couples following their respective rhythms have sailed the four sections and 7.13 miles, during which Moonbeam III has managed to recover itself and win the regatta. The victory of the day has allowed it to equal the final score of Moonbeam IV, but its better partial (1-3-1) against those of its opponent (2-1-2) allow it to break the tie in its favour.

Fantastic denouement for a photo finish in the category Marconi Époque, where the results of the day after its four sections round and 6.15 miles have overturned yesterday classification. Jordi Cabau’s Sonata victory, followed by Halloween and Islander, have led to a triple tie at 6 points. After identical partials of the three boats, the tiebreaker has been elucidated according to the result of the last test, qualifying Sonata, Halloween and Islander, in that order. In Cangreja Époque there has been no change of leader, since Marigold has kept its first position and added a new first partial to its classification. Kelpie of Falmouth has achieved again a second position, with which he has assured the runner-up, like the Gipsy tied the third step of the podium.
The two categories of Classics, in which there has not been surprises, have sailed 8.3 miles in six sections. Guia from Ramón Rosés has mastered all the days in Classics 1, although its victory today was by a close margin of 10 seconds on Halloween and 56 on Yanira. The best partial of Halloween has allowed it to overcome Yanira in the final classification of the trophy. In Classics 2 Damian Ribas has not tempered his pulse while skippering Alba, thus adding his third partial victory. Kanavel, today the third, was able to defend a second position in the final classifications against Atrevido, which today ended fourth. The second position was for Argos from Barbara Trilling, which ends this Regatta Puig Vela Clàssica in sixth position, after being penalized on the first day with 12 points.