• Up to 50 sea legends coming from France, Italy, Malta, England, Germany, United States and Spain will hoist their sails in a display of beauty and sophistication
  • During this days citizens and visitors of the city can witness from the shore a great parade with the best classic yachts of the Mediterranean

For the fifth consecutive year Barcelona will host one of the most highlighted sportive, cultural and social events to enjoy in the city: the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta. It is one of the most important regattas in the Mediterranean. A celebration that will unite the international elite of classic yachting as a part of the highly regarded 5th edition of the regatta that will take place at the Royal Yacht Club of Barcelona from 11th to 14th of July.

The best classic yachts will sail from France, Italy, Malta, Germany, England or the United States to Barcelona to participate in this traditional competition. Beauties as the Creole or the Avel, dating from over 100 years ago, or the Moonbeam III and IV, are the best testimony of the relevance of this regatta, which is gaining more relevance each year.

During these four days the entire city will be a testimony of this unique spectacle that can be witness from different locations as the Port Vell, La Barceloneta or the Port Olímpic as well as from highest points of the city. On the other hand those who have their own boat or had decided to rent one, will have the luxury to enjoy the regatta from the sea.

Classic sailing is overall a passion for beauty, the style and the elegance. There is nothing else that reflects better those feelings than a classic yacht regatta. Woods, bronzes, sails… all seems to get out of an old painting where the sophistication and the good taste are highlighted.

A unique spectacle for the enjoyment of citizens and visitors

One of the most repeated critiques against the classic sailing is that it is almost inaccessible for the mainstream public. However Puig Vela Clàssica regatta it’s not thought just for the owners, captains or the crew, but above all, for the enjoyment of the citizens and the visitors being an outdoor floating museum.

On its compromise with Barcelona, Puig has bet for approaching to its citizens and visitors an event that integrates the sportive competition as well as the ascertainment of the large historical, cultural and social trajectory of the sailing world with this Mediterranean capital. It is a unique opportunity for the entire city to delight with a spectacle usually reserved for the privileged few.

There is no other city in the world that hosts a classic yacht regatta like the race each year in Barcelona. Among the dream destinations that host the leading classic yacht competitions (Antigua, Antibes, Newport, Isle of Wight, Cannes, etc.), only one is of such international importance and scope, and that city is Barcelona.